When it comes to internet shopping it is rarely love at first sight. Research shows that only 2- 5% of shoppers will buy on their first visit to your website or online store.

Remarketing is a clever way of tracking who has visited your site then targeting their web pages with your brand advertising as they browse the internet.

By raising the profile and awareness of your brand, product, or service, you are more likely to remind customers to click onto your site for a return visit... and buy!

At PPC Stars we can advise you on the best types of products and services to benefit from remarketing campaigns, how to tag pages and deliver successful online remarketing for your business.

Display advertising (Banner Ads)

As with most things online and digital - it is all about targeting and getting your message in front of a relevant audience. Using banner ads on the Google Display Network we are able to target users through topics, interests, as well as keywords.  We can even target specific websites.

We can help you create all types of ads – text, image, interactive and video ads which will only appear to the user if the context is right.

When a potential customer browses the internet using these key words or phrases, we can ensure that your banner ad is placed before them, encouraging more click- throughs to your website.



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Adword Management

Due to the complexity of building and managing Adwords on your account we at PPC Stars can make this easy by doing the work for you.

Manage your Account

Creating a successful PPC campaign to increase search discovery, engage consumers and generate sales, leads, enquiries at a fixed Cost Per Acquisition.

Drive Conversion Rate

We can make sure that we help boost the effectiveness by enabling you to see which ads and keywords have generated conversions.

Build Your Website

We can help you with developing a design and web presence that not only sells your brand, but one that is clean and visually appealing.